LaKia Colquitt

Global Disability Advocate, Servant Leader, and Social Justice Devotee

Lakia Colquitt Bio

We’re glad you want to know more about LaKia Colquitt, a dedicated servant leader and global disability rights activist. She is a Change Agent; Global Disability Champion; and most of all, a Diversity and Inclusion Advocate. For the better part of 20 years, LaKia has worked as a community organizer and job developer for numerous outfits, including the SEIU and Governors State University in Illinois.
Lending help and a voice to the communities of the Greater Chicago Area, LaKia has stepped foot into the oasis of worldwide empowerment with much success. Her humble beginnings can be traced back to a lawsuit in 1994; a lawsuit that paved the way for many minority boys and girls in America to stay in school.

LaKia Colquitt¡¯s Landmark Moment

The case (see here) was a defining moment in LaKia’s life—a case which involved her family. Lemont Colquitt, her brother, was expelled by the Board of Education of Rich Township High School on ‘accusational hearsay’ under a glaring ‘violation of due process.’
LaKia and her family, would not stand for it; with the help of lawyers, they aided her brother in overturning the school’s decision. This case has helped hundreds, and thousands, of minority children to remain in schools and protected them against unfounded expulsions. The case, Colquitt v Rich Township High School has been cited more than 20 times. A true family justice legacy, this case has made it essential for schools to follow due process when trying a minor.
This was only the beginning for LaKia Colquitt who went on to become a renowned global disability advocate, servant leader and social justice devotee.

Global Disability Advocate

LaKia has always had a passion for disabled children and, of course, the mothers who tend and care for their needs. It is this burning passion that has set her on the path to empowering numerous disabled children around the world, most recently in Nigeria. Beating the odds of Twitter’s daunting marketing process, LaKia has managed to spread her unique message across the platform. Today, she is considered one of the top 100 disability advocates in the world.
Her success as a social entrepreneur, workforce manager, and marketing and consulting professional led to the creation of Promoted Parent, a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping parents of disabled children find suitable work-from-home jobs.  This agency seeks to work intimately with parents until they secure suitable employment that fits their family lifestyle and caters to their needs. Launched in 2017, Promoted Parent is already a budding success.

Servant Leader

In the Fall of 2019, LaKia was invited to speak at NPR (National Public Radio) to discuss disabled children and their plight in America. She was honored to share the message of children and their families; she discussed how joblessness ¡°hits¡± the disability community hardest and how Promoted Parent helps. You can listen to the segment here

In the beginning of 2020, LaKia travelled ¡°all-over¡± the state of Illinois, with the Property Tax Task Relief Task Force. This task force was credited to find solutions to unfair real estate taxation. LaKia provided a disability lens to this discussion. This tax force was created by Governor Pritzker and led by State Representative, Mary Flowers. here

Most recently, she worked tirelessly to promote the completion of the U.S. Census. She explained the importance to various communities on why the Census is so important. With this initiative she also did several mobile food pantries to ensure that families had their basic needs met along with the message of Census completion. She continues to show her unique servant leader attributes by volunteering with the homeless, feeding families in distress and mentoring young people. LaKia is also an expert in the fields of disability and inclusion; job development; and career readiness. To say she is unstoppable is an understatement.

Under LaKia’s superb leadership, Promoted Parent is expanding it’s reach to Gambia in 2021. Promoted Parent is in the hopes of partnering with Plastic Bank to offer both jobs and microfinance opportunity in this unique country. Know more about Promoted Parent and Plastic Bank today.
LaKia is currently on the Women’s Board at the Chicago Urban League, an organisation whose goal is to provide scholarships for students. Founded in 1966 by Dr Arnita Young Boswell, the Women’s board has capable members like LaKia Colquitt who are driven by sheer will and passion to advance the growth of the Chicago Urban League through direct service and fundraising. Like all members on the Women’s Board, LaKia believes that all things are possible, when one is given the support and tools needed to succeed.
LaKia’s service to her community and the world at large doesn’t stop here. She is also a member of the board of the Christopher Watts Foundation.  This foundation seeks to address the dire state of educational resources in schools and lack of good employment opportunities. LaKia, along with other members of the Christopher Watts Foundation, want to ensure a happier and more prosperous community by providing youth enrichment programs; adult professional development; and resources referral coordination.

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